Blockchain gaming project seeks to go mainstream with new Matic Network migration

IGGalaxy is migrating away from Tron and onto the Matic Network. They hope that this move will allow their platform to go mainstream, while simultaneously avoiding what they referred to as “performance constraints of the Ethereum mainchain.”

IGGalaxy’s incentive-based economy offers tokens to players in exchange for their participation in video games, video content, and eSports. Naeem Shabir, co-founder of IGGalaxy, explained that the move to Matic’s network will hopefully provide a more “seamless” user experience, and help the company to gain greater mainstream traction:

“Leveraging Matic’s high throughput and cost-effective network will be crucial in achieving our mission to establish IGGalaxy as the space for social competitive gaming and esports.”

Cointelegraph recently interviewed Mac Ocampo, who is the head of growth at the blockchain entertainment outfit, Virtually Human Studio. Ocampo stated that the gaming sector faces a number of challenges — namely that “not all gamers are crypto traders, and not all crypto traders are gamers.”

Our analysis of upcoming blockchain-enabled games recently showed that some in the space are aiming to provide a AAA experience for gamers. If successful, figures indicate that these games could expose up to 2.5 billion people to crypto.

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