Survey: Almost half of crypto traders are long-term investors

According to a recent survey of Huobi traders, 45% of respondents have time horizons longer than one year, with 12.5% saying that they are willing to wait over four years for a return on their investment. This seems to contradict the widely accepted view that most crypto investors are just there to make a quick buck.

When asked which asset they have held the longest, it’s no surprise that 69% said it was Bitcoin (BTC). Despite the vast majority of respondents belonging to the 26-50 age range, most of the respondents have less than 3 years of investment experience.

Also, more than half of the surveyed individuals have an annual income of $10,000 or below. Though this may seem low, we should note the survey took place in the “emerging markets” according to Huobi, where this level of income may not necessarily be considered low. Another important consideration is that only 491 individuals responded to the survey, thus it is unclear how representative this sampling is.

It appears there is a shift taking place in the way cryptocurrency is being perceived by both retail and professional investors — from a get rich quick scheme to a more long-term game.

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