Teletubbies hint at becoming the next Bitcoiners

Teletubbies, a British children’s television series that has been on the air since 1997, is showing signs that its loveable characters may become the newest entrants to the crypto space.

On Wednesday, the official Teletubbies Twitter account posted a message with the hashtag “Bitcoin,” saying the characters were “possibly hiding” something from viewers. Two of the characters — Tinky Winky, known for his purple color, and Po, known for her red — appear with laser eyes next to a giant question mark.

Modifying profile pictures to include laser eyes has become somewhat popular among prominent members of the crypto space as a symbol of adoption and general bullish sentiment. However, this typically comes from adults, not children aged one to four — the target audience for Teletubbies.

Though some youth are willing and eager participants in promoting crypto, the demographic for the Teletubbies audience has some questioning if the tweet is a set up for an April Fools’ Day joke tomorrow. Already, Twitter users have jumped on the message with crypto-themed puns, pitching names of characters that more readily fit the space:

The announcement comes as the show celebrates its 24th anniversary. Though it is unclear if Teletubbies plans to prank its 14,500 Twitter followers tomorrow with the release of a fake nonfungible token, there is always the possibility that the show could be considering educating young children about cryptocurrency. Three-year-old Lily Knight went semiviral in the crypto space last month after releasing a video explaining the limited supply of Bitcoin (BTC) using Skittles candy, and Elon Musk has said his 10-month-old son is a Dogecoin (DOGE) HODLer. 

“If Teletubbies start teaching kids about Bitcoin then the banks are really f**ked,” said Twitter user DeepBlueCrypto.

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