Clever DeFi Launches 888 Cycle Challenge

Clever DeFi Launches 888 Cycle Challenge

PRESS RELEASE. Decentralized finance protocol CLEVER (CLVA) launches its latest program called “Will you take the 888 cycle challenge’’. The program offers a guaranteed interest model that enables users to earn compound interest paid fortnightly to all CLVA token holders.

This is achieved by placing all CLVA token holders on a pre-programmed routine cycle schedule over 888 fortnightly cycles that will take exactly 34.15 years to complete. Every 14 days newly minted CLVA is awarded to token holders. CLVA token holders will be able to receive up to 11% compound interest paid fortnightly within the cycles.

CLVA also offers impressive interest yield within the first year of minting. CLVA holders that hold their tokens for a year will be able to reap up to 307% interest on their portfolio at the end of the first year. This is more than what other DeFi yielding protocols offer to yield farmers and places CLEVER at the top of the list.

A unique aspect of the 888 cycle challenge is that CLVA tokens held are not entered into any term contract or staking period. Thus users have the freedom to move or send their CLVA tokens within cycles offering true decentralization within its ecosystem.

Also, there are no penalties for buying or selling CLVA within that period and the more CLVA held by investors the higher the interest earned.

All that is required to partake in the challenge is to register for the minting phase which begins on February 1st 2021. There are two processes of minting.

  1. Using Metamask or MyEther Wallet

Send your chosen amount of ETH to the CLEVER Smart Contract directly by using Metamask or MyEtherWallet to automatically receive the corresponding CLVA back to your wallet instantly.

  1. Using The CLEVER Portal

Just connect to your wallet using Metamask via the CLEVER Portal and select the amount of CLVA you wish to mint.

About Clever DEFI

Clever is a DeFi protocol that aims to revolutionize the current yield farming process and seeks to pay significant interest rates than other protocols in the market. CLEVER is built on the Ethereum network and it possesses all the immutable and secured qualities of Ethereum.

It uses a Decentralized Distribution Mechanism (DDM) embedded within its smart contract that cannot be changed after it has been deployed. The DDM is what determines the value of CLVA and is responsible for distributing interest payments to all token holders of CLVA during the 888 cycle schedule.

What makes CLEVER DeFi unique is that it is truly decentralized and begins with zero initial supply, unlike other protocols that pre-mint tokens. Thus none of the development team owns any tokens and all tokens will be minted during the mint phase and accounted for on the blockchain.

This is important as it ensures minimal risk when investing or holding CLVA tokens since the team owns no initial supply and won’t be able to dump tokens in the market-leading to a price decrease. The CLEVER DEFI team only receives a fraction of tokens for each cycle (0.1%) for the development of the project.

Clever DEFI is also secured and its smart contract is fully verified and was audited by cyber security firm BlockHunters. To learn more about CLEVER DEFI, you can visit the website or read the whitepaper.


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